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Closet Made of Sheets

"Closet made of Sheets"

Two girls reflect on their secret desires in this romantic fantasy short film.

When I go inside of a sheet fort I feel transported to an alternate reality...a world within a world,” explains Kira Bursky. For the screenwriter and filmmaker, this mystic aura around sheets, forts, and childhood shaped the scene for her latest film, Closet Made of Sheets, a three minute short about two girls reflecting on their secret desires.

As Bursky and her co-star and collaborator Elizabeth Austin settle into the sheets and whisper their fantasies, they come to life in vivid detail around them and, through it, a potent (and much-needed) bisexual narrative emerges on screen. It’s no secret that the LGBTQ community often overlooks or outright erases bisexual identity, which makes this story so important for Bursky, whose previous films have dealt with all manners of sexuality. As she explained to OUT, “Because of bisexual erasure, I’ve been fooled into feeling I don’t have an audience for my bisexual-themed work, but I know now that this is completely inaccurate.

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