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Out Magazine Premiere of "Closet Made of Sheets"

Today is an amazing day! So excited to share with you the Out Magazine online premiere of my short film "Closet Made of Sheets." Check out the film and my interview which focuses a lot on identity and bisexual erasure in media. It's been a dream of mine to premiere a film through Out. You can find the article here.


Secondly, this week I found out that three of my films (Closet Made of Sheets, Wild Flowers, and Demon Pills) are all official selections of CineKink which takes place in NYC from March 14th-18th. I just booked my plane tickets! NYC friends: please feel free to meet up with me at this sexuality-empowering film festival!

Speak out, share your truth, and be vulnerable. Life is crazy and beautiful and full of unexpected magic.

New Music Video & Film Fest Win!

We did it! Last night the film "Fake Emma" that I co-created with Robert Gowan won Best Scripted Film at the 100 Words Film Festival in Charlotte, NC! We are so excited!

And then on Friday I released a new music video I directed for Ryan RnB Barber's song "AVL Funk." Read more here in the premiere release article put together by MountainXpress. Here's the video!

Other various updates:

"Closet Made of Sheets" screened this Saturday in Greenville, SC at the Reedy Reels Film Festival. October 28th we wrapped on the production of the music video I directed for Ian Ridenhour's "You Help Me Fall Asleep." Now in post. Screened "Adulthood," the film I co-directed with Abbey Sacks, at Cat Fly Film Fest on October 13th. "Fake Emma," the film I co-directed with Robert Gowan, screened as a part of the Left Overs Gallery Opening in Asheville, NC on October 14th and on the 20th as a part of CreativeMIDNIGHTS in Charlotte, NC.Both the music videos "Monsters" and "Dancing Children" I directed for Ian Ridenhour are official selections of Peak City International Film Festival taking place in Apex, NC November 17th-19th.